Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pad & Quill's Moleskine-Style Case Is a 'Little Black Book' for Your iPhone

If you'd like to combine your new apple 5s iphone cases speck design and your wallet into a single device that looks like an old-fashioned mini datebook, Pad & Quill's Little Pocket Book is the case you want.

There's a whole category of gadget cases that aim to make your handset look like a Moleskine notebook. The cases like this aren't just clever, they add a little bit of sophistication to your device as well. They protect the corners while giving a piece of modern technology the classic air of a premium notebook.

P&Q's Little Pocket Book has a top-grain leather cover (the Luxury Pocket Book is identical but uses a finer full-grain leather). The flap, which is held closed by a thick elastic band, protects the iPhone's screen and doubles as a wallet. You can slip an ID, a few credit cards or passkeys, and a small stash of cash inside.

Pad & Quill has been handmaking Moleskine-style cases since the first iPad came out. Unlike San Francisco-based Dodocase, P&Q's cases use a heavier wood: birch instead of bamboo. These cases are not slim - the Little Pocket Book more than doubles the iPhone's thickness and makes it a good deal heavier. But people who primarily carry their phones in a purse, briefcase or a bag won't mind.

The Pad & Quill Little Pocket Book is available on the company's website for $60. It fits the iPhone 5 and the new 5s. Each purchase comes with a 25-year warranty on the leather. So if you're still using your iPhone 5 in 25 years, then bravo all around.

Photos by Josh Valcarcel/WIRED
Source: Wired

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